Hilarious Clothing Disasters

1. It’s Two Hours Before The Big Christmas Party And I Just Noticed A Detail On My Sweater

clothing-fails v11


2. Best Employee Shirt

clothing-fails v12


3. Thought I Brought The Cutest Little Pj Set From Ann Summers Until I Looked Closer At The Patter

clothing-fails v13


4. It Says ‘Super Hitters’ In Case You Were Wondering

clothing-fails v14


5. And Santa Says “Help! I Can’t Get Out!

clothing-fails v15


6. My New Shirt Is Metal Af

clothing-fails v16


7. The Design On This Guys Shirt Makes Him Look Like He Is Walking Around With A Massive Wedgie

clothing-fails v17


8. When You See It, You Cannot Unsee It

clothing-fails v18


9. Peek-A-Boo

clothing-fails v19


10. How It Was Even Approved?

clothing-fails v20


11. I Couldn’t Stop Giggling At Her New “Flower” Dress

clothing-fails v1


12. Couldn’t Work Out Why I Was Getting So Many Odd Looks While Shopping This Afternoon… Then Got Home & Noticed Will Ferrell Peeking Out Of My Cardigan

clothing-fails v2


13. Trollx Fabric Designer

clothing-fails v3


14. Thanks For The Advice

clothing-fails v4


15. So My Name Is Brodie Jonas Dean, My Grandma Found This Shirt For Me Thinking It Was A Great Coincidence. Thanks Grandma

clothing-fails v5


16. When Pub Staff T-Shirts Go Wrong

clothing-fails v6


17. Two Flamingos, One Vagina

clothing-fails v7


18. Maybe Not The Best Idea To Have A Red Flower Down There

clothing-fails v8


19. Walmart? I Think You Meant “Fist Bump

clothing-fails v9


20. Wife: “All Our Customers Were So Cheery Today! They All Smiled!” – And Then I Saw Her ShirtWife: “All Our Customers Were So Cheery Today! They All Smiled!” – And Then I Saw Her Shir

clothing-fails v10


21. My Dad’s In Bangkok And Sent Me A Picture Of This Rare Nirvana Shirt He Found

clothing-fails v31


22. Mum Bought Me A Shirt From Her Overseas Trip. She Wasn’t Wearing Her Glasses

clothing-fails v32


23. Just Hang Yourself

clothing-fails v33


24. College Of Veterinary Medicine, Choose Your Fonts Wisely

clothing-fails v34


25. These Are Burgers People. Burgers

clothing-fails v35


26. Now I Remember Why I Stopped Wearing This Shirt (Player’s Last Name Is Fukudome)

clothing-fails v36


27. Why On Earth

clothing-fails v37


28. Right In The Middle

clothing-fails v38


29. This Hoodie’s Design Makes Me Fuhrious

clothing-fails v39


30. Not Really

clothing-fails v40


31. How The Hell Do You Wear This?

clothing-fails v21


32. I Guess Someone Said Fuck It On Their Last Day Of Work

clothing-fails v22


33. My Friend’s Shirt Has The Image File Name On It

clothing-fails v23


34. Don’t. Believing In Yourself. Quit

clothing-fails v24


35. Bad Fashion Or Bad Timing?

clothing-fails v25


36. Kitten Socks

clothing-fails v26


37. We’re The Graduating Class Of Peninsula High This Year

clothing-fails v27


38. Spain’s New Shirt Looks Like It Got Dirty While Eating Bolognese Pasta

clothing-fails v28


39. Secret Message?

clothing-fails v29


40. My Mom Has Been Wearing This Summer Dress For Years And No One Noticed The Pattern Until clothing-fails v30


41. My Girlfriend Noticed A Stitching Error On My Boxers. It’s Meant To Say Animal. I Can Live With It

clothing-fails v41

42. Pretty Good Fakes

clothing-fails v42

43. That Tongue

clothing-fails v43

44. That Awkward Moment When Your Shirt Is Supposed To Say Canada

clothing-fails v44

45. My Sister Was The First To Notice What The Print On My New Shirt Was, During Dinner At A Fancy Restaurant And The Celebration Of My Grandfathers 90th Birthday! Laughs Were Had

clothing-fails v45

46. That Time Of The Month?

clothing-fails v46

47. Freethenipple

clothing-fails v47

48. My 90-year-old Grandmother Got Me A “hawaiian Print T-shirt” For Christmas

clothing-fails v48

49. Jesus Christ

clothing-fails v49

50. They Said It Was Custom; They Said I Would Never Have A Shirt Fit Like This

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